Collection Procedures Policy

Effective 7/01/2016

PURPOSE To establish procedures regarding collection of patient accounts including external collection agencies. It is expected that patients will honor their financial commitments.
SCOPE Patients, Business Office and Administration
POLICY It is the policy of Florida Orthopaedic Institute Surgery Center (FOISC) to apply collection procedures consistently and fairly to all patients as well as maintaining a courteous working relationship before, during and after the collection process has been completed.


  1. Patients are responsible for understanding their insurance coverage and for paying their patient responsibility.
  2. As a courtesy to the patient, FOISC will bill the patient’s insurance carrier upon completion of their procedure.
  3. Any outstanding monies due after the patient’s insurance carrier has paid and deemed patient responsibility will be billed to the patient.
  4. The patient will be informed of his/her patient responsibility in the form of a patient statement generated on a monthly basis.
  5. If a patient has additional financial responsibilities after the final insurance claim has been processed (other than what was collected pre procedure), it is the policy of FOISC to send one or more bills to the patient.
  6. If a patient informs FOISC that he/she is not able to fully pay his/her responsibility, Care Credit is available and allows monthly payments to be made. The Care Credit program, website link and telephone number are located on FOISC’s website at
  7. If the account is not paid by the due date on the patient statement and after the fifth monthly statement has been mailed, FOISC will attempt a courtesy call to the patient in order to collect payment in full.
  8. If payment in full is not made within 24 hours, the collector will forward the account to the Business Office Director for review and approval to be referred to an outside collection agency.

Special Note: If a patient has a previous bad debt or outstanding balance from a prior visit, the account must be paid in full prior to any future appointments.